Selective Imagery

Sentence One –  Born to this earth are three kinds of creatures. ‘ Some are winged and fly. Some are furred and run. Still others stretch their mouths and talk. All of them must eat and drink to survive Pp.115

Sentence Two- Now tea, used as a drink, was first discovered by the Emperor Shen Nung. Pp.115

Both of these sentences occur on the same page, are about seemingly different idea, yet at the same time both relate to the illustration. The first sentence begins the chapter and discusses how all animals, no matter where in the animal kingdom there are from, must eat and drink in order to survive. The image directly correlates to that idea, through the use of crane images above the humans. Continuing the idea the image centrals around the humans below, and how they seemingly differ in status based on their appearance. First we have someone all the way in the back who appears to be the emperor- who we hear about later. Around him are a variety of people from seemingly working class who toil in making the tea, to noble women in flowing gowns, and other possibility middle class people. This I would think would be to send the message that these people, all from very different walks of life, relate under the uniting factor of tea. While this isn’t explicitly mentioned in the passage or the sentence above, I still find it rather interesting and even relatable to text in the sense of the meaning that the author is trying to convey about tea. In the second sentence, like it said we hear mention of this emperor that is seemingly seating in the back, almost above the rest of the people- once again seems very intentional in conveying the message of who this person is and their importance. This importance in highlighted in the fact that the emperor is said to have  first discovered this magical and uniting drink, placing him not only in importance for being the emperor but also for discovering this sacred drink. All told, both of these sentences relate to the image given. Through directly showing what the author is literally saying, through adding cranes and the emperor. But they also go to symbolically convey the authors message and even certain messages that he doesn’t explicitly state; making them very relatable and useful to the author and reader. 

Image discussing the symbolism of color
Examples of how we use imagery in so many aspects of our lives with out even noticing it- just like the author and the artist do in the images in the text

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