A Reminder From the Garden

While I wasn’t able to do much to help the garden and I wasn’t able to be there in class, I still wanted to write about my experience and what it made me think about. As a kid, me and my grandfather spent a lot of time outside and in the garden. My family is Greek and we live across the street from each other (if you’ve ever seen my Big Fat Greek Wedding its just like that!); because we live so close I spent a lot of time at their house. My grandparents loved to garden and thus, this was how we spent a lot of our time together. We would go outside all day and he would teach me all about the different plans and animals we saw, and how to keep a garden looking pristine. My moms parents also where very fond of gardening- specifically roses. They always loved to talk about their award winning rose and how it helped them. Bond when they first got married. As they got older however they spent their time in the garden feeding the animals near by- which in turn aided to my love of gardens to see the animal life they bring. After I began to get the severe allergic reactions to the plants and bugs in the garden I wasn’t able to go and do these gardening experiences anymore. But coming out the first class and getting to watch everyone else in the garden and see their posts of it, really made me think back to that time. While I may not be able to go into a garden and care for it myself, my love for them has remained over the years. To this day I love looking at the different types of gardens and dreaming of the one I would love to have for my house one day. Listening to the types of flowers and plants the Muhlenberg Garden has it definitely opened up my mind to including some native plants into gardens and how interesting of an idea that is; especially being that I never thought about how certain plants are native to certain regions. I had always heard about the danger of adding non native plants and how they can overtake the area if you aren’t careful, but something about seeing it first hand and hearing about it from someone in the field just made it click in my head finally. In short, while my body might not like gardens, I very much do appreciate them and the fact that Muhlenberg students come together to try and make something like this that contributes to the knowledge of the students and provide a lovely space for the animal life near Muhlenberg.

Photo of me and my Grandfather in the garden
Me and my grandfather in the garden at their house

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